Stadium in bihar


International Cricket Stadium on the land of Nalanda …

Nalanda may be a excellent news for the residents of the district. currently on Nalanda soil, you may see cricketers like Dhoni, Kohli, Rohit, enjoying matches as a result of before long a world Cricket bowl is being engineered here. wherever international matches are contend. The specialty of this bowl are that there’ll even be a sports academy wherever cricket will be schooled to youngsters. For this, five hundred acres of land has been nonheritable2 villages Turra and Hindupur in Meyer panchayet of Rajgir block are hand-picked for the development of International Cricket bowlthat is on Rajgir-Chhabilapur Road Road. The bowl is adjacent to the boundary of International Nalanda University. more or less five hundred acres of land in each villages are nonheritable. The estimate of that has been ready. The authorities has entrusted the task of construction of the International Cricket bowl liquid body substance Sports Academy to the Building Construction Department.
Stadium to be engineered at a price of 633 crores

The interned bowl liquid body substance academy would value a complete of half-dozen billion thirty three crores. Out of concerning five hundred acres of land nonheritableninety acres of land are co-trained by varied sports academies across the planet. The bowl are made on forty five acres there. Remaining land can embrace vehicles falling, coaching of players, housing, restaurants, libraries for varied sports connected subjects, hospitals, guest homes, equipment-cum-resource rooms for varied sports etc. bowl to be completed by 2020
Bihar’s name can once more keep a watch on the planet stage from this internal sports academy. The DPR of the development work of this sports academy liquid body substance international cricket bowl was two-handed over to create Government. consistent with the government’s announcement, its construction are completed by 2020. govt Engineer of the Building Construction Department Ram Iqbal Sah same that the new sports academy are made in ninety acres of land. He au fait that the work of boundary wall are completed before construction. He au fait that the audience gallery of the bowl can have a complete capaciousness of thirty five thousand individualsduring which viewers will fancy varied sports competitions additionally to any or all kinds of national international cricket.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has created each effort to create Rajgir world categoryseveral massive plans have conjointly been materialized for this. whether or not it’s concerning horse bowl or the development of internal convention hall. The Chief Minister tried to hunt the dream of development. throughout the visit to Rajgir, he spoke concerning the International bowl. Today, his dream is additionally seen to be coming back true. the whole thing for this has been completed.


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