New Bus stand in Patna


Inter-state bus terminal is being prepared in Patna.

Patna: The work of building the first inter-state bus terminal of the two-year-old state in Patna, the capital of Bihar, will start from January. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will lay the foundation stone of the bus terminal to be built at a cost of 331 crore in the hill located on Patna Gaya Road. There is a plan to build this bus terminal on 25 acres of hill. Under Genurum, 125 new buses purchased by Budco will also be started. Also, a drain constructed from SP Verma Road to Mandiri will be inaugurated at a cost of nine and a half crores. 
At the same time, out of the 20 ghats on the banks of the Ganges under River Front Development, 12 ghats completed so far and ten bus stands across the state will be inaugurated. All these projects have been completed by Bihar State Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited ie Budco. Eight bus stands and 12 ghats will be inaugurated during this period Banka Bus Stand (cost 1.94 Crore), Makhdumpur Bus Stand (Cost 1.99 Crore), Bodh Gaya Bus Stand (Cost 1.97 Crore), Supaul Bus Stand (Cost) 3.98 Crore), Katihar Bus Stand (Cost 4.99 Crore), Nasiriganj Bus Stand (Cost 2 Crore), Bhabua Bus Stand (Cost 3.95 Crore) and Belsand Bus Stand (Cost 1.99 Crore) to be inaugurated. Apart from this, 12 ghats such as Anta Ghat, BN College Ghat, Mishri Ghat, Baharwa Ghat, Rani Ghat, Chaudhary Tola Ghat, Pathri Ghat, Alamganj Ghat, Hanuman Ghat, Raj Ghat and Laharwa Ghat are built at a cost of Rs 98 crore along the Ganges. 
A drain constructed from Mandiri to SP Verma Road will be inaugurated at a cost of Rs. 125 New Buses: Budco Managing Director Amarendra Prasad Singh said that 125 new buses purchased through Budco will also be inaugurated under Genroom, which will run for ring bus service during Prakash Parv. After this it will be given to other cities of the state through Bihar State Road Transport Corporation. Budco is working on many big plans. On Saturday, the Chief Minister will inaugurate and lay the foundation stone of many big schemes. We are trying to complete the work on time. The terminal work was stuck in loans and land, the plan for the interstate bus terminal to be built in the hill is 2014. The DPR of the scheme is ready since then, but the work of the bus terminal was halted due to lack of funds and land. Project director Prabhash Chandra says that Budco has finalized the loan from HUDCO on the guarantee of the state government. 
Nearly compensation has also been given to the land owners in the hill. Now this scheme will be completed at a cost of 331.61 crores. The tender has also been filed. Wi-Fi facility will be provided in this, the main building will be built in 53821 square meters. With Wi-Fi, sewerage treatment plan, 76 buses of 50 cities will be provided with shopping malls. A total of five buildings are to be constructed in the area. In this, Advent building (G + 5), Departure building (G + 5), Commercial building (G + 8), Link block (G + 6) and Workshop (G + 2) will be built. Will be in 63 thousand meters. Shapoorji Policy and Company Private Limited will complete this scheme by 24 months i.e. by December 2018.


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